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National Coach at FBA !!!

The coach Peter R Jensen at FBA is now also Danish National Coach for U15.

What to expect !!!

May 6. 2009.

FZ FORZA Summer Camp 2009 will be a good possibility for badmintonplayers to combined new experiences in badminton and learning even more of the "Danish-way"

Every week the number of players at the academy will be between 10 - 18 players.

1 or 2 coaches will run all 5 weeks so one coach has the maximum of 10 players.

There will be a lot individuel coaching - and the academy will here use video etc.

The hall will in all 5 weeks be free to use when ever the academy dosen`t have sessions.

FZ FORZA Summercamp 2009 plan:

May 6. 2009.



Period: Week 28-32 (6. July – 8. August)

Theme through all weeks: TACTIC.

Week 28: “Attack-week”

·       Theme of the week: Physical

·       Guest: Strenght-trainer  


Week 29:”Defense-week”

·       Theme of the week: Motivation

·       Guest: Mental-coach


Week 30:”Contra-week”

·       Theme of the week: Recovery.

·       Guest: Physio.


Week 31:”Initiative-week”

·       Theme of the week: Team-spirit.


Week 32:”Surprice-week”

·       Theme of the week: Surprice.


Example week 28:

Week 28





















































Summer Camp at FBA.


Frederikshavn Badminton Academy offers all interested summer training in school summer holidays (end June until medio August). More information about training will come on this site during February / March. But are YOU interested then send me an email so it will give me the idea "about the need and amount of training.

Recovery training (ICEBATH)

Eric Pang & Jelle Kelderhuis.
Come on !!!!
Martin Delfs at FBA UHH.......
The girl from warm California.
Lærke on Ice.

Visit from Aalborg Coach Education

Claus telling about Visual Coaching Pro (VCP)

Yao Jie wins Dutch Open - Lærke No. 2 in Slovak Open

Anna Narel Poland, Lærke & Elena Prus Ukrain

19th October.

A fantastic week for the FBA - Yao Jie wins Dutch Open. She lost no sets at all and win the finals over Linda Zechiri of Bulgaria 21-14 21-13.

Eric Pang playing a really good tournament with a convincing quarter-finals win over Lee Tsuen Seng of Malaysia but must extend the arms in the semifinals against Chetan Anand of India.

Lærke Folsted surprised everyone and play her selves unexpectedly up in the finals of the Slovak Open where she unfortunately where defeated by second seedet Elena Prus Ukraine 21-16 21-17.

Lærke`s first international senior tournament.  Where she in the first round beat. No 75 in the world Chloe Magee Ireland.

Training at FBA

Pictures from first weekend in Frederikshavn

Eric Pang & Yao Jie is here

29. August 2008:

Eric Pang and Yao Jie is now in Frederikshavn. They are ready for the opening of the FBA on Monday 1st September. They arrived Thursday in a car from Holland - after they have spent most of the summer in China. Here, however, one of the first pictures from the 2 in Frederikshavn.

American Lauren Todt arrived

26. August 2008:

The third player is now arrived in Frederikshavn. Lauren Todt USA came late Sunday night. She accommodated privately the first couple of weeks she is in Denmark.


Rein and Jelle have arrived in Frederikshavn

25. August 2008:

The 2 young Dutchmen Rein Ridder & Jelle Kelderhuis has now arrived in Frederikshavn as the first players to the FBA.

They will be staying in an apartment in the heart of Frederikshavn - see the picture



American to FBA

9. august, 2008:

American Lauren Todt is the next player to sign in at FBA.

Lauren is American national teamplayer and was on the U.S. team to the Uber Cup finals in May in Indonesia.

"I find it hard not to be enthusiastic, another player / talent with international experience has chosen FBA, at the time where her badmintonskills are to be developed, it is fantastic for me and FBA" says one more than pleased manager Peter. R. Jensen.

Only one month to FBA starts

1. august 2008:
Today, only a month to the first training at FBA.

1. september is just around the corner, the summer has flown away, the Olympics start in a few days. We are nearly finish planning.  So the first play at the FBA has moved very much closer.

"We look forward to the whole game to get started, Claus and I have spent much time planning, now we can not wait to get in the hall, it will be really great to be in the hall 1. September and follow the first training "Says manager Peter R. Jensen

Several players on the way to the FBA???

31 July, 2008:

Everything indicates that more players are on the way to the FBA, which has the last week been part of negotiations with players who show great interest in FBA says manager Peter R. Jensen

"For all players who want to participate in Danish Club/team tournament deadline is 15.August" said manager.

Two new players at the FBA

21 july 2008:

FBA has contracted with two new players, who start in Frederikshavn 1. september 2008. The two Italians Rosario Maddaloni and Manuel Batista, in collaboration with Italys Team manager Kenneth Larsen selected FBA as their future place to develope their badminton skills.

"The agreement with the two Italians, brings the preliminary number of FBA students up to 9 players, which is absolutely fantastic, the interest in FBA just grows and grows ..." says a delighted manager Peter R. Jensen.

Manager in contact with clubs looking for players.

18 july 2008:

FBA has been contacted by several clubs who are all looking for players for the season 2008/09.

The clubs are looking for players for all categories MS, WS, MD, WD and MX.

The clubs are all competing en the second, third and fourth best league in Denmark (1 divison, 2 division, 3 division)

"I am very pleased about these approaches, which again proves that there is a need for FBA and just as I wished this can give the players a perfect oppertunity to combine an offer from a club with a stay at FBA" says manager Peter R. Jensen.

Read more in the menu to your left: FBA Facts - Club/Team.


Italiens on their way to FBA

16 july 2008:

The coorperation between FBA and the former coach at VEB and present coach for the the Italian national team Kenneth Larsen has resulted in the fact that at least one - probably two of Italy`s best Mens Singles will be at FBA 1. september 2008.

This means that the total number of students at FBA per 1/9 2008 right now will be at least 9 players.


Netherland profiles at FBA

19 June 2008: 
Today it has been made official, that the two dutch profiles Yao Jie and Eric Pang will be starting at FBA per 1. sept. 2008
Eric Pang is going to represent Vendsyssel Elite Badminton, and the future club in Denmark for Yao Jie will be Horsens.

The Municipality supports FBA with 225.000 kr

19. June 2008: 
At a meeting 18 June the financial commitee at Frederikshavn Municipality decided to support FBA with 150.000 kr in 2008 and 75.000 kr in 2009.

- It is a good initiative. The Academy can be a help to develop badminton as a elite sport in Frederikshavn, says the mayor Erik Sørensen to DR Nordjylland.
The Manager at FBA Peter R. Jensen is of course very happy with the support.
- It is a nice back up/support to know that the Municipality believes in the project. We are well ahead with the preparations and we are looking forward to getting started on 1. september, says Peter R. Jensen

FBA manager travels to Malaysia

May 2008:
FBA manager Peter R. Jensen will Thursday 22 May fly to Malaysia.

- I am going to meet  our  former  1. Men`s single Roslin Hashim, and besides that I have planned other meetings, which I hope will come to benefit both FBA and VEB, says Peter R. Jensen.

More top players coming up

May 2008:
Manager Peter R. Jensen is very certain. Within a short while we have made deals with another three players, who will start at FBA.

Two of these players are really big profiles. One of them belongs to the world best players and the other one is among the best in Europe.

Two new players signed in at FBA

May 2008:
FBA has made agreement with two new players, who will start in Frederikshavn on September 1. We are talking about two Dutch players Jelle Kelderhuis and Rein Ridder. They are two talented and hard working players with 19 and 20 years of age.

- Claus Poulsen and I were in Holland to speak with them and to watch them play and we got a good impression and we are looking forward to seeing them in Frederikshavn, says manager Peter R. Jensen.

First three agreements have been closed

April 2008:
Within this week the first three players have joined FBA. The three players are, two from VEB team Anup Sridhar and Lærke Folsted and the third player is Taufiq Akbar Hidayat, Triton Aalborg.

- It is incredible nice, that we now have the first agreements closed and I am pretty sure that it will not take many days before the next players will join the Academy” pronounces the manager of FBA Peter R. Jensen.

Already with the first 3 players FBA meets its goal, being to attract some of the world's best and Denmark's most talented players. They can look forward to 8 weekly training sessions lead by head coach Claus Poulsen.

In the season 2008/2009 Peter R. Jensen aim at having 10 students.

Manager will go to European Championships in Herning

April 2008:
The manager at FBA Peter R. Jensen will be busy during European Championships, which will take place from 12-20 of April. 128  players are in total attending as single players.

- In a way around 100 of these players are potential players for FBA and therefore I will be spending many hours in Herning, says Peter R. Jensen.


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