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Roslin Hashim and Robert Blair

Roslin Hashim. Malaysia.

Mohammed Roslin Hashim, Malaysia, former no. 1 at the world ranking in men’s ingle, played in the club from 2006-2007:
I" have travelled around in most of the world. The facilities in Frederikshavn are among the absolute best that I have experienced. Besides this the whole club and the Arena is surrounded with some very nice and very hospitable people".

Robert Blair, England, won World Championships silver in men’s double in 2006, will from September 2008 start his 3. season for VEB:
 "There is a nice atmosphere and a good organisation in the club. All practical things are taken very well care of, so that I can focus on “playing”, which is always a pleasure in the Arena Nord, where the club has a large a loyal number of fans".

Peter Rasmussen

Peter Rasmussen, Denmark, World Champion in men’s single 1997, starting out by September his 3. season for VEB:
"VEB has the best set-up in the league, which makes the team matches in the league to an extraordinary experience for both players and spectators. You really can feel how everybody in the club is dedicated to the sport with the expectation that only the best is good enough".

Anna Rice and Anup Sridhar

Anna Rice, Canada.

Anna Rice, best ladies single in Canada for many years, won bronze medal together with VEB in season 2007:
"Frederikshavn is a nice town, situated beautifully along the ocean and close to the forest. Besides this there is a nice “walking street” with lots of shopping possibilities and different kinds of restaurants".

Anup Sridhar, India, among the last 8 at the World Championships in 2007, first men’s single in VEB in the season 2007/2008:
"For me Denmark is the best country to live in, when I want to develop myself as a badminton player. That I have already experienced once and therefore I want very much to come back after the Olympics".

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